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Nataliia Hryhorash

Pharmacy Assistant Welcome to my world of pharmacy and dedication to improving healthcare! I am Nataliia Hryhorash, a passionate pharmacist with a rich journey that began in the vibrant city of Ternopil, Ukraine. My academic pursuits led me through the corridors of the Medical University, specializing in Pharmacy and culminating in the attainment of a master’s degree in 2007. Being the first pharmacist in my family, this milestone holds a special place in my heart. My love for chemistry, ignited during my school days, intertwined seamlessly with my desire to make a positive impact on people’s lives. It was my mother who kindled this fascination with science, fostering a deep-rooted passion that has driven my career ever since. In the dynamic realm of pharmacy, I embrace the ever-evolving landscape of technology and knowledge. Each day presents an opportunity to expand my skills and understanding, fueling a continuous journey of growth and development. My professional background encompasses diverse roles, from managing pharmacies in Ukraine to contributing to the oversight of medicinal product quality at the State Inspection. This experience provided me with a profound grasp of pharmaceutical law and honed my skills as an inspector. I came over to Lethbridge Alberta in 2022 to embarked on a new chapter in Canada alongside my daughter. Today, I am thrilled to bring my expertise and enthusiasm to the Westbridge Pharmacy. As a pharmacy assistant, I am dedicated to the meticulous crafting of medicinal products, driven by a fervent desire to contribute meaningfully to the well-being of the population. Join me on this journey where science meets compassion, and together, let’s create a healthier world.